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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is nothing new, however in recent years, it has been reemerging as we take a fresh look at it.  Ancient literature dated as far back as 2500 BC has been uncovered in China.  There is evidence that Egyptians, Romans, Japanese Persians, Arabs and Greeks practiced massage techniques on humans.  The Romans, not only massaged their soldiers before battle, but also their horses.  In fact, up until the early 1900’s massage therapy was used routinely on humans who were sick or hospitalized.  With the advent of modern surgical techniques and prescription drugs, it was thought that massage was no longer needed.  How wrong they were!  Now that humans are embracing complimentary therapies with great success, the techniques are being administered on animals with the same great results.


Anyone who has ever had a stiff neck, sore back or headache knows instinctively that rubbing the area eases pain and muscle tension.  The reason is that the rubbing increases blood flow to the area.  Massage therapy works because of this.  Toxins are removed and new fresh blood feeds and nourishes.  With this increased blood flow, swelling is reduced, scar tissue is softened, and soft tissue becomes more flexible.  There is enhancement of muscle tone and range of motion; atrophy is suppressed; endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, are released and the body is able to heal faster.  Massage therapy at it best, helps maintain good posture and body balance.  The combined benefits of massage therapy result in improved athletic performance – as much as 30%.


The type of massage therapy performed by Rubbing Elbows is sports massage therapy.  There are many other techniques and they all have specific benefits, but sport massage is specifically designed to restore overworked, overloaded muscles to proper functioning and keep them that way.  The strokes utilized were derived from the others.  Sports massage therapy was developed in Russia during the early 1950’s.  They integrated massage techniques into the training regimen of their Olympic athletes and the results are legendary; they dominated the Olympics for over a decade.  Today, professionals regard massage therapy as a necessity, not a luxury and its benefits are now being enjoyed by non-professionals as well.   Although sports massage therapy was designed for athletes, because of the great increase in blood circulation, it is useful in relieving and improving the symptoms of many conditions that respond to the therapy such as navicular, arthritis and hip dysplasia.  Its not just for sore muscles!  

Every year, new modalities or training opportunities are pursued and we are proud to announce the addition of Healing Touch for Animals.  These techniques are very powerful and can optimize massage sessions or be used entirely on their own.  Healing Touch works on the energy system in the body and offers most of the same benefits as massage but can be used with minimal touch which is good in cases of severe injury or burns; or when the animal is too fearful of being touched as with animals recently recsued.  In any case, your animals will get the best in holistic care.  Very soon we will be announcing Healing Touch for our human friends. 


Today massage and Healing Touch are used to prepare for competition, after competition and as general maintenance therapies.  Therefore, whether your animal is in competition, recovering from an injury or illness, a couch potato or a senior, massage therapy and/or Healing Touch for Animals will benefit him.


For more information or an appointment, contact Rubbing Elbows through the contact page.  

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